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In Spring 2013 | research and creative discovery | Clemson University

In Spring 2013

Shattered, from the series Crushed, Burned, and Shattered, 2012, by Christina Hung, is a panorama micrograph of a gardenia petal and broken microscope slide.

For Hung and others you’ll meet in these pages, the energy of science fused with art can break through the safe and ordinary to create something new.

You can learn more in Breakthrough.

zoom in
Drawing on history in a crumbling Irish abbey, conserving mortars and shells from Sumter and Moultrie, and probing for weakness in the biology of sleeping sickness and dysentery.

Science and art mix it up in a new approach to creativity.

the web of science
Can science spin a supersilk? That may depend on the spiders.

a drop of water, a speck of coal
Levitating water is more than a parlor trick. It could help save coal miners’ lives.

the bullies of cyberspace
Kids get hurt when spite goes viral.

drive able
Climb in, buckle up, and learn how to drive all over again.

a valve for saving your heart
It began with pigs, but durable new materials are making implants better.

roots and shoots
Can crops yield more food with energy from thin air?

don’t be afraid
In a Singapore research lab, an undergrad learns how science spans the world.

wrapping up food safety
The science of keeping pathogens away from what we eat.

close focus
Selling soap and saving souls. A history of white movies and black audiences.

zoom out
Glass-breaking magic from math.