Your next desk could be AWEsome

AWEsome work desk

Image courtesy of Keith Green

The Information Age is transforming the work of architects and designers, expanding collaboration, and changing the tools of the trade. Keith Evan Green and his collaborators and students set out to build a new kind of work environment to support the next generation of digital design and human interaction. The Animated Work Environment (AWE) is a robotic work environment users program to accommodate work styles and materials new and old, digital and analog.

AWE is composed of eight hinged panels that change the spatial characteristics of the work environment. Users select one of six configurations and fine-tune the selection by hand gestures detected by sensors. Embedded with touch-screens, touch-pads, and virtual keyboards, AWE’s three horizontal work-surfaces of different forms can be moved, rotated, and re-joined to create a variety of work surfaces.

“For people who are already kind of geeky and are working collaboratively, the Animated Work Environment is a thrill,” Green says. Read more about vital robotics.

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