In Spring 2016

Fall 2016 cover full

how to unwrap the unseen

Students and faculty harness Big Data with visualizations that advance science.

zoom in
the cane is back; getting seen to get safe; a clue in amber; the authentic underdog; new technology, natural power; trapping Chagas; no easy answers.

a fresh look at the H.L. Hunley
Newly freed, a famous submarine reveals iron-clad beauty and exposes history.

how to unwrap the unseen
Visualizing data revolutionizes new realms in science.

portrait of a composer
Insight into how an up-and-coming composer makes music.

a deeper understanding of genetics
By researching autism’s causes, scientists hope to give a community new options.

appalachian odyssey
A conservationist hits the road in an adventure that ranges across mountains.

a scientific design
In cognitive ergonomics, human weaknesses become strengths.

secrets from a seahorse tail
A tiny animal holds big implications for robotics.

close focus
Why do the British celebrate failure?

zoom out
Habitat maps reveal connectivity for conservation.