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In Spring 2014

the matrix

What if medical science could extract a bit of excess body fat and use its stem cells (shown in the cover image) to transform a matrix of collagen fibers and create a new heart valve or some other vital part? That idea has opened a world of possibilities in the labs of Dan and Agneta Simionescu. Read about it in the matrix, reloaded.

zoom in
Mudskipper fish and salamanders reveal some clues about how animals first came ashore, a computer game helps stroke patients recover, science goes deep in the Intelligent River, and a new facility puts wind power to the test.
the matrix, reloaded
Right out of college, Dan and Aggie Simionescu began helping a surgeon save lives. Today, their bold science holds so much promise, surgeons volunteer to help.
good vibrations
Our vocal cords speak volumes about the science of treating fibrotic disease.
the business of friendship isn’t business
Philosopher Todd May has a message for the material world: Find real friendship.
what is character and how do we get it?
Charles Starkey says listing traits won’t cut it. We need values and emotions too.
how to bottle a waterfall
making magic
The wizards of special effects are among us, working their magic in movies.
patients programmed for trouble
For a student in nursing, the toughest patient may be a mannequin.
your story for a mug
If your coffee mug could talk, what kind of story would it tell?
vital robotics with people in mind
Keeping it human with rooms and equipment for the digital age.
seeding the future
With advanced genetics, sorghum could save resources and boost the food supply.
close focus
The runaway slave who may have helped inspire Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
zoom out
Your workspace awaits your command.