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bring the audience to the artists

Community-supported art gives students a taste of the marketplace.

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Can art heal?

Health and nature has been an ongoing theme in Ellen Vincent’s life.

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Stark black-and-white images evolved as Tillinghast ran the unbound pages repeatedly through a copier, accreting layer on layer of ink, adding depth and weight to the images.

The Secret Book

A hijacked work of art grows rampant and weed-like into new art.

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Todd McDonald, associate professor of art, is a painter who finds extraordinary visual ideas in ordinary settings.

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The cabinet of curiosity

Drew began to see the landscape in new ways. It could still be personal and lovely, but now there was also conflict, powerful new technology, and layers of documentation: data sets and scientific symbols, lines on maps.

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pictures from an expedition

For two years, photographer Anderson Wrangle has explored the watershed of the Savannah River.

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